WIWT: someone spilled ketchup on my pants this morning and didn’t apologize.

Also,we spent five hours in anatomy with a CHT teaching us everything about the hand and forearm.

Aww yeah, peacoat season! Most versatile time of year. Probably the most fun, too.


Seeing Blue

We can pretend it’s still summer for a little longer, right? Even though we’re all probably wearing sweaters at this point, #oops. ‘Keeping it simple’ is a virtue I am not overly familiar with, but by the end of the summer, I have either fully shed most of my style hang-ups and inhibitions in favor of staying cool, or have just become sort of lazy - which is where keeping it simple comes in handy. Why spend your precious free time primping your hair and perfecting your face, when you could be outside with friends, soaking up every last minute of sunshine? A simple yet bold dress and wet slicked hair is plenty of effort for a night out. Add a masculine touch with a single accessory, like this shiny-shiny navy Guess watch, and keep your makeup dewy and minimal.

It’s hard not to feel like a classic 90’s supermodel in a look like this. So, laziness disguised as sleek minimalism? SketchyBlonde APPROVED! *double thumbs up*

Well, this certainly made the rainy day seem a bit less dreary. And I don’t even know how to properly verbalize just how cool that dress is.

I need a scarf that looks that comfy in my life. I mean, I have some, but I want more.

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Well, that looks super toasty. Kind of want one for winter.

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My face looks weird but I’m posting this anyway! Outfit for the first day of Peppcon.

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Time to dig out the chilly weather garb.

Oh, and say hello to my baby chick, too!

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Things to look forward to this semester

I won’t have bronchitis and I’ll be able to enjoy more than a few sips of a cold beverage and have liquor on weekends again

I will be doing a Q&A with some freshmen and my fellow upperclassmen and grad students about college (I don’t get it, to be honest, but if they need help, who am I to say no?)

My fraternity’s doing a poetry reading soon and I get to read some Baudelaire

We are starting a radio show and two academic mentorship programs

I will also be joining my brothers in talking to an SAT prep class full of kids worried about college

We will have fall weather all day soon and I will be able to wear sweaters and down vests and wool blazers and not look or feel like a dingbat

I am buying a wool robe in October and I will be starting a free 9-week online class on dementia

I will be starting a few secret projects that will help me become a better therapist and a better person in the long run

I will be officially welcoming my new brothers at their induction ceremony in November

I get to learn all the muscles, their origins, their insertions, and the joints in the body (I already know almost all the bones and some of the fossa and processes!)


I will know more about occupational therapy than I did at the beginning of the semester

My friend might get me an internship at Presbyterian hospital over the winter and I might just be busy three days a week working in ot rehab or psychiatrics

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Guys, look. They finally made a baby stroller for wheelchair-bound mothers. This is so important.

My wife is a physical therapist.  She started tearing up when I showed this to her.

Oh my god.
Yes. YES!

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WIWT: cold morning, cold campus, good conversation

Currently on my mind: soft, lined robes, preferably made of animal skin.  Imitation skin’s okay, too.

Mmm, warm and soft.

I’d wear one every day of winter if I could.

Anyone wanna help me out, make me royalty or something?

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So I have bronchitis and a long weekend is coming next week. This means I’ll probably be mostly inactive through some point next week as I cough and fight these really awful sneezy feelings and try to keep up with my work

Ugh :(