Wardrobe change* and Chinese food run

*from sharp to loafing around° in my underwear to this


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New Yorkers, I appreciate the dramatics but I’m pretty sure one day of cold weather does not mean you need to break out your winter wool trench coat.

You don’t know how we do.

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Today is going to be a good day.

Whoever designed this probably actually said, “you know what this jacket needs? MORE. POCKETS. BRUH.”

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It may still be warm-ish out, but I can pine for layering weather.

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This just in: a wool robe I’ll be hemming and probably lining with oxford cloth so j won’t look like I’m trying to impersonate Jesus

I went to my birchbox shopping cart and… Learned that apparently “chaos”/is a valid answer to the question, ” how many things are there?”

Kapital Sukiyaki Western shirt.

The amount of buttons on here are kind of overkill, but I love the idea behind this.  I wonder if I can’t adapt a shirt in my wardrobe like this…


all the evens

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you’re the worst.

Prepare for 100 trivial questions.

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One midterm got bumped back a week, therefore online class on dementia.

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softwarm said: Ah phooey, I’ve been to NY only once and that was last month!

…Seriously?  That’s kind of absurd.  I mean, I think I started following you only a week ago, so… maaan.

Oh well.  How long were you here?  Did you enjoy it (you can say no, I know this city is hella expensive and smelly)?

You can also totally message me