Currently on my mind: soft, lined robes, preferably made of animal skin.  Imitation skin’s okay, too.

Mmm, warm and soft.

I’d wear one every day of winter if I could.

Anyone wanna help me out, make me royalty or something?

9/18/2014 (8:48pm) 1 note

So I have bronchitis and a long weekend is coming next week. This means I’ll probably be mostly inactive through some point next week as I cough and fight these really awful sneezy feelings and try to keep up with my work

Ugh :(


"It’s 3am, I have class from 10am-7pm, I think I have a sinus infection, and the doctor’s office closes at 5pm tomorrow" selfies

Anatomy lab is so cool

WIWT: better photos later, maybe

It is gorgeous out

9/12/2014 (10:52pm) 2 notes

Interesting but totally unsurprising side note, I had a few exchanges like this today:
“I like your outfit! Especially that… What is it, exactly?”
“Oh, this? It’s a dress”
Pause for about thirty seconds, and then
“…why are you wearing a dress?”
The instant change in tone and demeanor could’ve given me whiplash if I weren’t already kind of expecting some people to react that way.

Oh, and I actually ended up going home and falling asleep, so I was kind of too out of it to take any pictures. I wore pants underneath, don’t worry.
Next time, I promise!


This is my “I wore a dress today and wasn’t assaulted” face.

PS this is my actual face when I think about how many quizzes I’ve had/have this week and every week but midterm and finals weeks.

Today: I did part of an evaluation on one of my classmates and felt kind of like an OT for a little bit.

We learned about manual muscle testing, grip strength, and pinch testing today in functional physio lab, and apparently my various shoulder and elbow flexors and extensors are less weak than I thought they’d be, as evidenced by my various curling ORMs only being1/3 what they were last semester. I’m still hella weak, though.

I was kinda hoping it would rain today.

9/9/2014 (11:41pm) 1 note

Special mention to my classmate for complaining of being cold, accepting the offer of my noragi, and proceeding to look amazing with it over her denim dress, probably even better than me

if I had thought things through, I probably would’ve taken a picture or two, but I felt obligated to be a good student and not a creep


WIWT: dinner and learning about infant grip development and bad, my-phone-is-dying selfies

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I am treating my own patients and billing for them and coming up with plans and doing things that I thought were over my head but they’re not!


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