Viyella - F/W 2013/2014

I love everything here.  Yes, that’s right, even the dude.  That beard is majestic.  I want to walk around this specific area wearing the things he is wearing.

Fortunately, i actually have a lot of things like them now.  Those vests, though.

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Hello, sexy.

Quick!  I know what I want to do, but what yould you wear with this?

Rugby gang or die.

If this doesn’t motivate you, well…

You might not like girls.  You should join us anyway.

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Tommy Hilfiger striped and gingham GTH seersucker blazer. Too expensive for my broke ass, but shorten the sleeves (and maybe nip the waist) and it is gorgeous.

The new Uniqlo x Michael Bastian polo shirts are not for the faint of heart.

Yep. A jumpsuit, dyed green (thanks, navy dye!). I wanna get weird now and then. Might not be a winner in everyone’s book.


Shim Oh Seob

2014 Seoul Fashion Week

That’s one hell of a jacket.


Her hair is fantastic and I love that shirt.

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#rrl #doublerl #ralphlauren #poloralphlauren #scotch&soda ( jacket )

Pretty solid cold weather outfit.  The cargo pants change the silhouette pretty drastically, and I’m not sure I’m completely on board with that (although admittedly winter outfits end up bulky anyway and the jacket has added some volume here too).  Still, it’s a good look.


Gino Ray

Dude’s sense of style is very interesting and is always on point

Today’s project: ?????




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this is at least 6 yrs old and still so relevant

hahahahahahahaha, oh my god