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Today, I got to wear a 60-year-old Japanese robe.

It was riddled with holes, no doubt from moth bites and daily wear, but thankfully, the person I bought it from shipped it to me with good fabric and thread to patch it up.  It’s a little long on me compared to how I’ve seen it sit on other people, but I like it anyway.  It needs a lot of work— one of the sleeves is torn right down the middle and I can’t tell if fabric is missing or if it just needs to be sewn together again— but it is something I look forward to doing in my spare time.

Let’s see what happens.




The bag!  The girl!  The hair!  The outfit!

This is a nice thing.

It’s kind of huge and gaudy, but I’d wear that backpack in a heartbeat.


How Clothes Can Affect the Way People Treat You

NPR has an interesting story about how some African-Americans used turbans to deal with discrimination in the Jim Crow era. An excerpt:

Routté’s experiment began after he traveled to Mobile, Ala., in 1943 for a family engagement. He wasn’t happy with how he was treated.

"I was Jim Crowed here, Jim Crowed there, Jim Crowed all over the place," he later told reporters. "And I didn’t like being Jim Crowed."

So he went back in 1947, with a plan.

Before he boarded the train to Alabama, he put on his spangled turban and velvet robes. When the train reached North Carolina during lunchtime, Routté walked over to the diner car where the only vacant seat was occupied by two white couples.

One of the men said, “Well, what have we got here?” to which Routté replied in his best Swedish accent (he had been the only black student at a Swedish Lutheran college in Illinois), “We have here an apostle of goodwill and love” — leaving them gaping.

And that confusion seemed to work for Routté on the rest of his trip. He dropped in on police officials, the chamber of commerce, merchants — and was treated like royalty.

At a fancy restaurant he asked the staff what would happen if a “Negro gentleman comes in here and sits down to eat.” The reply: “No negro would dare to come in here to eat.”

"I just stroked my chin and ordered my dessert," he said.


"He didn’t change his color. He just changed his costume, and they treated him like a human," says Luther Routté, who has been a Lutheran pastor for 25 years. It "shows you the kind of myopia that accompanies the whole premise of apartheid or segregation."

Through the “turban trick,” Routté basically transformed himself from a threat to a guest — black to invisible.

You can read the whole story here.

Any article that makes me laugh and reminds me about the nuances of social stigma is a good article in my book.


Custom OOAK modified Labyrinth Masquerade jacket. Hand painted and studded, with Sarah and Jareth on the back and masks from the ballroom on the front.



"There’s such a sad love

Deep in your eyes

A kind of pale jewel

Open and closed

Within your eyes”

Hand painted and studded Labyrinth “Masquerade” jacket, with Jareth and Sarah on the back. Necklace and mask also handmade by me. Feathery, glittery goodness.

Just another cool thing in a long line of incredible stuff.

Check the hell out of her blog.

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fortuneisalie said: I know what you mean, I make one pot stuff all the time.

They make crock pot liners now, so you can actually get away with a quick wipedown after you remove the plastic (it’s safe, thankfully).  Between that and the skillet, I have no incentive to do any actual cooking work. lol




A constant and painful reminder that Drake’s makes incredible scarves and ties and I am too poor to afford any of them.




The blazer’s the real star of the show here.  I love how it allows for the red and green pieces to be worn without making the guy look like he’s ni the Christmas spirit.

The whole faded and torn denim americana thing seems a bit passé now, but I submit that the things that made it so visually appealing have kept its potential awesomeness intact.

I would wear this all the time if I could.

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Scientists discover the new black: British researchers devise material so dark it looks like a black hole →

My prediction for Rick Owens F/W 16.

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One Pot Spaghetti Alla Puttanesca with Chickpeas & Artichoke →

Yes, I’m alive, and yes, I’m eating vegan tonight.  Phone’s busted and I have no idea where my webcam is, though, but rest assured, mine looks exactly like what’s in the photos.

I am lazy as hell (hence using mostly a crock-pot and a cast-iron skillet these days) and I dislike waiting for pasta to boil, so using as few pots to cook as possible appeals to me.  As an added bonus, this can be done in my skillet, so I don’t even have to think about digging out other pots or cleaning too much.

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