Oh yeah. The grey chinos are made from soft oxford cloth and the other pair… Well, you already know they’re showstoppers.

Things to watch out for in the next month or so: Betabrand black wool cardigan preorder in men’s sizes.

Gonna grab it at discount and wear it fastened with a kilt pin.

8/21/2014 (3:52am) 3 notes

Dear everyone who recommends Windsor/half-windsor tie knots,

I’m getting real tired of your bs.


Today was my last day volunteering at the hospital, and the occupational therapists went out of their way to give me and the highschool girl I’d been volunteering with their thanks, both verbally and with this cake made of freaking cupcakes.

I think the experience itself was satisfying enough, but this was the icing on the cake for me.

That was one of my worst puns ever, I think.

Yesterday: EPLA Kamigata jacket, Brooks Bros shirt with butchered short sleves, friends, and lots of alcohol in my old town

What do you think?

A summary of my night: a dog with spine issues and carpal trouble that is so fucking done right now

Me in my natural environment. Unfortunately, due to patient confidentiality and so on, I can’t actually show you the occupational therapy gym or anyone else in it, but I can show you my gross volunteer polo and months of being too lazy to shave

I have neglected my noragi in favor of sleep and volunteer work, but at least I’ve got most of the patches in place