EPLA Kamigata Jacket in Organic Grape Denim, Candiani Cotton-Linen Denim, Nisshinbo Mills Cross-Hatch Denim, and Kuroki Broken Twill Camo Denim

I can get behind these.  Steep price tag (not as steep as some I’ve seen), but I’d definitely give wearing one a try.

What’s not to love about the contrasting check patterns here?

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REEBOK Classic / Pastel Pack

I don’t see myself wearing these, but I’m in love with these colors.

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Rocking some Tealecoco and vintage today! Hope everyone’s July 4th wasn’t too much of a drag from the weather!

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my mom came in talking bout some “watch out they said on the news you can catch polio now”


i been had polio

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I didn’t choose this Death Grips shirt, it chose me


It is with no small amount of sadness and regret that I find myself at the end of my time with The Armoury. Working alongside Alan and Mark to build a business that provides a unique product to the market, a philosophy of measured acquisition to build a wardrobe of quality, and personal relationships with our clients, I feel very proud to have been a part of such a dynamic team of inspired people in Hong Kong and New York.

:( :( :(


almost out of sky

Attractive people wearing nice things is one of the better things about tumblr.

That jacket is cool as hell.


16-year-old Azumi on the street in Harajuku wearing a bow dress from Romantic Standard over a sheer panel top, lace socks, and black lace platforms from Spinns.

Harajuku style is always fun.

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