*one of the buttons on my noragi fell off, which is weird because it wasn’t cheap
*I printed out a lot of things for my weekend reading. I will be tested on all of it (see folder) Monday.
*I cleaned up my room and put all my books on psychotherapy, psychiatry, neurology, psychoanalysis, and occupational therapy on the new folding bookcase I got (and I will be getting more as I advance in the program)
*I was so goddamned done
*I got the life squeezed out of my arms by my lab partner while she kept trying to take my blood pressure

You bet your ass I discussed the SHIT out of my current and future occupations and put them right the hell on my fridge.

WIWT/WIWY: activity analysis and occupational development through the lifespan. I had a raging headache at some point. Really fascinating stuff, though.

I got complimented on this outfit today. People like it when I keep things simple, I guess.

Anyway, what do you think?


I wanted to try my hand at katazome, I made some stencils using plastic stencil paper. It took two tries to get the rice paste right, and then it took a bit of time to get the hang of applying the paste, leading to some rather messy sections. My attempts at shibori on the sleeves didn’t work out very well, but the end result is a unique blue shirt based on designs I drew and cut myself (one stencil was based on an antique cloth I saw at

This is really awesome!

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late-night drunken reflections

Alan Watts’ take on selfhood has always been incredibly fascinating to me, and furthermore, his attitudes towards work and play have always mirrored architect Bucky Fuller’s beliefs in technology, human potential, and the future of labor separated from exploitative assholes.

It didn’t occur to me until tonight that these things are all basically playing into the fundamentals of occupational therapy: health through life satisfaction and a recognition of selfhood as including the objects surrounding the individual (including people and the environment), the nature of work, play, and leisure, and the ideal outcomes of occupation are all things that are visible within these great authors’ texts.  I’m hoping to read Henri Lefebvre’s works next; it only kinda freaks me out that basically everything I’ve been reading for leisure in the past three years or so has been about something related to OT without me realizing it

I think I might be okay, I’m learning a lot of things at once right now and don’t have much time to really think about style or fashion, so my outfits might not be as cooll, but this blog was always about me doing whatever anyway, so

let’s fucking DO THIS

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Wake up coffee run, lake canoe ride, Newport Harbor Cruise, Dinner Date.

The four Seasons of the day. (at Indian Lake Shores, Rhode Island)

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Wow, my phone spazZed and posted 100000 copies of my WIWT post

Today’s reading.

Could be worse for my first week, tbh

First day: +5 textbook chapters of reading.
I heard a heartbeat through a stethoscope and seriously took someone’s blood pressure for the first time in my life today.

Noragi all day erryday while it’s still crazy hot outside and super cold in every room of the OT department.

Bad late-night photos because I didn’t leave campus til 7pm.

Oh, life, you so crazy.