Just arrived: Brooks Brothers fun shirt.


Hello, sexy.

Quick!  I know what I want to do, but what yould you wear with this?

Brooks Brothers Should Get Grilled For Its Steakhouse Plan →

On Brooks Brothers, branding, and why them building a steakhouse in NYC (yes, that’s actually a thing) is stupid

10/29/2013 (7:01pm)

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Brooks Brothers Quilted Down Blazer

Kind of early for this, but this is the new BB quilted blazer.  They added a chest pocket and gold buttons which I like, but it’s still too short in the body in my opinion.  

Short in the body means it might just fit me off-the-rack.  Not really my style, though.


Brooks Brothers Oxford Popover

What’s poppin’.  

I would wear the everloving hell out of this.  I’m not much of a popover guy, but damn.

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Brooks Brothers sales this week


Josh comes through.


My insider at Brooks Brothers sent me the sale info for the rest of the week. Happy shopping, all.

Promotional schedule for entire week below…

Day 1: Monday, December 3


·         All Men’s Fall Sweaters will be 40% off

·         All Women’s Fall Sweaters will be 40% off

·         All Boys and Girls Fall Sweaters will be 40% off


Day 2: Tuesday, December 4


·         All Men’s Fall Dress Outerwear will be 40% off.

·         All Men’s Fall Casual Outerwear will be 40% off.

·         All Women’s Fall Outerwear will be 40% off.

·         All Boys’ Fall Outerwear will be 40% off.

·         All Girls Fall Outerwear will be 40% off.


Men’s Accessories:

·         All Belts will be 40% off.

·         All Leather Goods will be 40% off.

·         All Jewelry will be 40% off

·         All Fragrance will be 40% off (including Black Fleece)

·         Gifts will be 40% off (St Jude’s excluded)

·         All Seasonal Accessories will be 40% off

·         All Formal Accessories will be 40% off


Women’s Accessories:

·         All Fall and Basic Accessories will be 40% off.


Day 3: Wednesday, December 5

Women’s Apparel:

·         All Fall and Basic Apparel will be 40% off.


·         All Fall and Basic Apparel and Accessories will be 40% off.


·         All Fall and Basic Apparel and Accessories will be 40% off.


Day 4: Thursday, December 6

Men’s Clothing:

·         All Fall and Basic Suits will be 30% off

·         All Fall Sport Coats will be 30% off.

·         All Blazers will be 30% off.

·         All Fall and Basic Dress Trousers will be 30% off.


Day 5: Friday, December 7

Men’s Shirts and Ties:

·         All Basic and Fashion Dress Shirts will be 30% off

·         All Sport Shirts will be 30% off

·         All Ties will be 30% off.


Merchandise Exclusions:

Please note that the following merchandise will be excluded from the special promotions when their category is featured: Special Order/MTM Clothing, All Men’s Shoes, Watches, St. Jude Product, Resort and Spring 2013 merchandise  and Black Fleece merchandise (with the exception of Black Fleece Fragrance on 12/4/12).

Oh, hell yes.

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Brooks Brothers’ Five Day Sale


Brooks Brothers’ “five day sale” starts today, where each day will have a different category of items on sale for twenty-four hours only. Today is sweaters; tomorrow is outerwear and accessories; Wednesday is women’s clothing; Thursday is men’s tailored clothing; and Friday is shirts and ties. Excitingly, the discount will be 40% off for the first three days, before dropping to 30% for the last two. 

For today’s sale, I bought one of their Shetland sweaters in Oatmeal Heather and plan to wear it with my waxed cotton Barbour, light blue OCBD, a pair of dark brown corduroys, and some shell cordovan boots, as you see below. I also picked up this suede jacket earlier this season, and promise you it looks better in real life than it does online. It’s conservative and simple in styling, but the subtle stand-up collar adds a little panache, I think. 

Unfortunately, this sale won’t include shoes, but it might be a good time to stock up on basics, such their oxford-cloth button down shirts and merino v-neck sweaters. They also have some interesting flannel trousers this season, but it’s been too long that I’ve tried them on for me to recommend a particular model. I know the Milano is their appeal to younger customers who like slim clothing, but I vaguely remember them not being high enough waisted for me. Maybe I’ll stop in and check out their flat fronted Fitzgeralds. 

(Pictured below: light blue OCBD by Sid Mashburn; waxed cotton jacket by Barbour; Shetland sweater by Brooks Brothers; wide-waled brown corduroy trousers by Ralph Lauren; shell cordovan boots by Brooks Brothers

Definitely gonna be on the lookout for price cuts on their OCBDs.

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Brooks Brothers F/W 2012 Outerwear

Polo Coat, Officer Coat, Reversible Coat, Hybrid Coat

My favs.  

That Hybrid Coat though.


Brooks Brothers Black Fleece F/W ‘12 now online

These are my favorites from the Lookbook, but I’d say overall these looks are fairly plain and boring.  There are some really awesome individual pieces I’ll post about later.  Thanks to the Silentist for the tip.  

I’m liking the red fairisle coat and the fairisle number as well as, obviously the plaids in the bottom row.


Brooks Brothers fall new arrivals…Camo..

Well, shit.  That was actually kind of unexpected.  Good looks, though.  I don’t know if I’d buy it, but it’s cool to see Brooks Brothers in the camo game.

Ivy Style: The Brooks Oxford, And What’s Wrong With 90% Of American Men →

Did you know that nine out of 10 men prefer chemically treated non-iron shirts that feel funny and look artificially perfect to pure unadulterated cotton? And I’m not talking about the general population, but specifically shoppers at that bastion of traditionalism, Brooks Brothers.

This weekend Ralph Gardner had an interesting write-up in the Wall Street Journal on the classic Brooks Brothers oxford, which he calls “the bedrock of our republic.”

After having been raised on polyester in what one assumes were the 1970s, Mr. Gardner discovered Brooks Brothers’ classic oxfords and has been a devoted fan ever since.

7/17/2012 (5:03pm)

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