A Study in Contrast.

If you bust out your trusty color wheel (you do have a trusty color wheel, right?) you’ll note there are colors that compliment (blue and green) and colors that contrast (blue and orange)..

Complimentary colors are generally, to cop a word from #menswear, [ed. note: “cop” is clearly stolen from #menswear already and down the parenthetical rabbit hole we go] “harmonious”.  The go together in a very natural way and look pleasant together.  Contrasting colors (and believe me I I never thought I’d be writing something this cliche) “pop”.

{Speaking of parenthetical thoughts, if there’s ever been anything ever that’s been overused more than the “pop of color”, both in practice and in linguistic usage, I don’t know what it is.  Especially because the “pop of color” is usually totally arbitrary.  


I mean sheesh, be more creative #menswear, get it together!  But I digress}

I like to think about the “pop” as more of a “boop” (you know, like you’d do to a baby’s nose).  It’s less shooting out and more about tapping  lightly.  Using elements of contrast in a cohesive whole to produce  dynamism, instead of neutrality.

For instance, I could have worn dark brown loafers with this, but the orangey tone to the brown in the leather compliments the tie and contrasts the pants.  Or I could have worn a plain white pocket square, but the burnt orange and olive provide some dynamic balance instead of just a neutral space.  The shirt and sport coat are the frame for the tie and pocket square, think “italian foreground” (or something like that).

Plus, I think contrasts are bold and I prefer a bold look to a staid one.  But hey, that’s just me.

Oh, and one last bit of orange under the collar and a black watch scarf, because I don’t know when to let well enough alone.

Definitely a great look.  Everything’s a little subdued, so it’s not in your face.  Boop indeed.

Excellent writeup, too.  Definitely something to chew on.  We’re all still learning… or at least, I am.


Snob of the Week: Swag to the 6th degree! Or Mr Tommaso Gallarotti of Isaia completely at ease in his amazing double breasted suit. Often Gentlemen are afraid of a bold, powerful look. I am shouting out to all those playing safe, STOP and try on a big, bold check like this awsome blue on navy example. You’ll be surprised by the compliments coming your way. As always it’s all about the details; shoulders, lapels, stitching, pockets and button stance. Here the look gets an extra push being paired with a crisp white shirt and even bolder houndstooth check. The white square and Isaia’s signature coral pin are the finishing touches to this rakish look. Well played Signore Gallarotti ! 

No matter how bold the pattern, matching your trousers to your jacket is, without question, playing it safe.

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Ace Ventura

Floral Button Up by Ralph Lauren -(Consignment Store $13.00)

Navy Blue Pants(H&M $30.00)

White Shepard Bucs by Bass(Bass Outlet $40.00)

God Bless

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That’s an incredible shirt.  Good stuff.

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This dude looks cool as hell.  His outfit is solid and damn does it come together nicely.  I like the pocket square in the waistcoat.  It doesn’t quite go with anything other than the shirt, but it doesn’t clash, either.

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That is one hell of a plaid blazer.  Plaid + stripes is for ballers only.

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4/27/2012 (7:23pm)

The Silentist on MTM vs Off-The-Rack Clothing


    I have a lot more thoughts on the whole custom-made versus ready-made debate that I might spell out at some point, but the bottom line is that you have to go with what works for you, personally.

    To give you an idea, I’ve been spending a good deal of time trying to find a place to get MTM linen dress shirts for summer and it’s been a long process. One company I used didn’t turn out something I was entirely happy with the first time around and it’s being redone again. It’ll probably be close to two months or maybe even three before they might produce something I’m happy with and will then spend another few weeks after that waiting for more to be made. With another place, it’s been about a month between my first test shirt order and when I’ll be able to get to a fitting. Odds are good that unless they nail the fit on the first try (which rarely happens), it’ll be another month before I go forward with placing a larger order with them. Yet another shirtmaker has a traveling schedule that I kept missing and wasn’t able to see for well over a year — and they have a 6-8 week production time from when you place your order to when you receive it.

    And, that’s just for a shirt. The process of going MTM on shirts has taught me that if I were to start looking into MTM or bespoke suiting, it’s something that 1.) I wouldn’t want to rush and 2.) I would need to be very mindful of entering with an eye for detail and attention that I probably don’t have fully developed yet.


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Great look that pulls together a lot of details

Check that shit out.  Top-notch outfit.

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Brooksy Brosephs

I still have my reservations about madras shirts, but this is still a damn cool shirt.

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Gradient effects


Despite the $50 price tag, these tights are gorgeous and very impressive.


I really want the middle jacket!

The first two jackets are fantastic.  The middle jacket is an absolute monster and I think one can pull it off outside of some lolita cosplay environment with little difficulty.

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Brown-grey windowpane is the big exception to the “full windowpane suits look bad” rule.

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Timeless footwear: Crocs. Get one in every color.

Crocs are the secret sartorial powermove that in-the-know fashionistas turn to when they want to elevate their game to the next level.


Socks & flip flips are a great way to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring.

Next-level style maneuver.