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Pretty solid cold weather outfit.  The cargo pants change the silhouette pretty drastically, and I’m not sure I’m completely on board with that (although admittedly winter outfits end up bulky anyway and the jacket has added some volume here too).  Still, it’s a good look.


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Gotta love that jacket.


NYFW 2014


A little too big and dumpy on her,  but I’ve seen these flight suits/coveralls worn to tremendous effect before.  Would I wear one?  Maybe.

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Thank you @topshop for the image.
Anastasija in Marques/Almeida SS’13

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Spring/Summer (or whenever we have consistently warm weather) inspiration 2014 1/?

Pulled from things I’ve saved over the years.  Call it dated, I don’t care.  Gonna be fun as hell.

Incidentally, I mostly have stuff for the cooler seasons, so we’ll see how this plays out.  #menswear and GQ’s weakest period is during the summer.  Might just have to wing it.


Marc Jacobs Trousers

Fuck me, these are incredible.

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Alton Brown: Cutthroat Kitchen

If you have been following SbN, it is no secret that Alton Brown is one of my sartorial inspirations.  I refer to him again-and-again because he just gets this whole menswear thing.  Unlike any host on TV, Alton understand how a suit is supposed to fit and  nails all the rest of the details.  Since the start of his new show Cutthroat Kitchen, nothing has changed.

Cutthroat Kitchen has a bit of a “darker” tone than the other shows Mr. Brown hosts so he sports a most darker toned look each show: blues, blacks, grays, blacks.  It makes sense for the show, but he takes it up a notch by, once again, nailing the details.  What separates Alton from any host on TV is that he doesn’t allow himself to be dressed in an overly-slim suit with skinny lapels and a skinny tie.  He always rocks the right proportions with a menswear-approved lapel width, equally proportionate tie (or lack thereof), and always shows a bit of himself with the unkempt pocket square and signature frames.  I cannot believe that Alton is dressed by anyone but himself, and if so, he probably has 99.9% say in what he wears because if not he would look like the rest of the hosts on the Food Network, which wouldn’t be the best case scenario.

Alton Brown will always be somewhat of a style icon to me because of his consistency and the hint of sprezz (I mean look at the unbutton jacket sleeves and nonchalance of his PS), but more than that, he has always been responsive and supportive of my blog.  I appreciate that from someone of his stature.

Alton Brown is just an all-around awesome guy.

I used to think this kind of thing was so dumb, but the jacket and sneakers make the jumosuit look pretty cool here.  Its color helps, too.

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Outstanding as always.


#rrl #doublerl #ralphlauren

One of the few good cases I’ve seen for a 3-pocket sort-of-blazer-styled-jacket in my entire time on this planet.


#rrl #doublerl #ralphlauren

I’m not on this level quite yet.  How can you compete, though?


#rrl #doublerl #ralphlauren #poloralphlauren #redwingshoes

Dear god, this man’s style is untouchable.  Anyone who’s in love with the RL aesthetic should just sit down.


Street shot Pitti Uomo 85

I suspect I will end up looking like the guy on the right when I’m older and I’m totally okay with that.

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