Well, that looks super toasty. Kind of want one for winter.

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Pretty dingy, but those layers are cool as hell to me.

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A compelling argument for cargo pants.


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Love them shoes.

I can only dream of my denim jackets fading as beautifully as this noragi (and then patching it!).

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Photographer Rankin shoots male model Olivier Geraghty for Shortlist Magazine in editorial titled ‘Sartorial Swagger’ in their December 2012 issue




The blazer’s the real star of the show here.  I love how it allows for the red and green pieces to be worn without making the guy look like he’s ni the Christmas spirit.

The whole faded and torn denim americana thing seems a bit passé now, but I submit that the things that made it so visually appealing have kept its potential awesomeness intact.

I would wear this all the time if I could.

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