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So I have bronchitis and a long weekend is coming next week. This means I’ll probably be mostly inactive through some point next week as I cough and fight these really awful sneezy feelings and try to keep up with my work

Ugh :(


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Interesting but totally unsurprising side note, I had a few exchanges like this today:
“I like your outfit! Especially that… What is it, exactly?”
“Oh, this? It’s a dress”
Pause for about thirty seconds, and then
“…why are you wearing a dress?”
The instant change in tone and demeanor could’ve given me whiplash if I weren’t already kind of expecting some people to react that way.

Oh, and I actually ended up going home and falling asleep, so I was kind of too out of it to take any pictures. I wore pants underneath, don’t worry.
Next time, I promise!


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Special mention to my classmate for complaining of being cold, accepting the offer of my noragi, and proceeding to look amazing with it over her denim dress, probably even better than me

if I had thought things through, I probably would’ve taken a picture or two, but I felt obligated to be a good student and not a creep


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I am treating my own patients and billing for them and coming up with plans and doing things that I thought were over my head but they’re not!


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You bet your ass I discussed the SHIT out of my current and future occupations and put them right the hell on my fridge.

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late-night drunken reflections

Alan Watts’ take on selfhood has always been incredibly fascinating to me, and furthermore, his attitudes towards work and play have always mirrored architect Bucky Fuller’s beliefs in technology, human potential, and the future of labor separated from exploitative assholes.

It didn’t occur to me until tonight that these things are all basically playing into the fundamentals of occupational therapy: health through life satisfaction and a recognition of selfhood as including the objects surrounding the individual (including people and the environment), the nature of work, play, and leisure, and the ideal outcomes of occupation are all things that are visible within these great authors’ texts.  I’m hoping to read Henri Lefebvre’s works next; it only kinda freaks me out that basically everything I’ve been reading for leisure in the past three years or so has been about something related to OT without me realizing it

I think I might be okay, I’m learning a lot of things at once right now and don’t have much time to really think about style or fashion, so my outfits might not be as cooll, but this blog was always about me doing whatever anyway, so

let’s fucking DO THIS

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Today’s reading.

Could be worse for my first week, tbh

Dinner tonight (not exactly instagram worthy, I know): penne in homemade cream sauce with broccoli, sun dried tomatoes, and carrots, and lemon and garlic herb chicken. It took a dutch oven and a skillet, but it was still pretty minimal effort on my part.

Today was my last day volunteering at the hospital, and the occupational therapists went out of their way to give me and the highschool girl I’d been volunteering with their thanks, both verbally and with this cake made of freaking cupcakes.

I think the experience itself was satisfying enough, but this was the icing on the cake for me.

That was one of my worst puns ever, I think.

A summary of my night: a dog with spine issues and carpal trouble that is so fucking done right now

I have neglected my noragi in favor of sleep and volunteer work, but at least I’ve got most of the patches in place

One Pot Stovetop Lasanga - Yellow Bliss Road →

Tonight’s one-pot lazymeal (feel free to substitute vegetarian options as you would regular lasagna, though it may take longer)

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Blueberry Buck Cocktails →

Tomorrow, I am making a large quantity of this cocktail recipe and pouring it into ice pop molds.

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