7/30/2014 (11:01pm) 1 note

once you start liking that Japanese shit, there’s no going back.  you’re gonna be eyeing everything in visvim’s catalog and wondering who you can rob to get the $700 for some FBT boots


In other news: this happened, and so did a shitty webcam photo about it

7/21/2014 (11:04pm) 2 notes

Today, I got to wear a 60-year-old Japanese robe.

It was riddled with holes, no doubt from moth bites and daily wear, but thankfully, the person I bought it from shipped it to me with good fabric and thread to patch it up.  It’s a little long on me compared to how I’ve seen it sit on other people, but I like it anyway.  It needs a lot of work— one of the sleeves is torn right down the middle and I can’t tell if fabric is missing or if it just needs to be sewn together again— but it is something I look forward to doing in my spare time.

Let’s see what happens.


One Pot Spaghetti Alla Puttanesca with Chickpeas & Artichoke →

Yes, I’m alive, and yes, I’m eating vegan tonight.  Phone’s busted and I have no idea where my webcam is, though, but rest assured, mine looks exactly like what’s in the photos.

I am lazy as hell (hence using mostly a crock-pot and a cast-iron skillet these days) and I dislike waiting for pasta to boil, so using as few pots to cook as possible appeals to me.  As an added bonus, this can be done in my skillet, so I don’t even have to think about digging out other pots or cleaning too much.

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"There was this one time: we were running from my biological father. I was about five. And we ended up at someone else’s house. We were technically homeless and these people took us in. And I just remember her holding me in bed and just telling me that it will all be okay and that I’d look back on this and that it would all be fine. And I forgot that for the longest time. You forget a lot of memories in your childhood and then they come back just in time to save your ass. So when she died that was one of the things I remembered—it will all be okay as long as I keep believing that it will be. It seemed a little bit delusional at the time but it always holds true."

As promised, the photo from my fraternity president’s own Humans of York College page.

Just arrived in the mail: All Rugby, copped for ~$61 total with shipping. Now I’ve just gotta get ‘em hemmed.

5/14/2014 (1:41am) 1 note

I think I’ve inherited my mother’s love of big, floppy hats.


4/3/2014 (10:46pm) 3 notes

I got accepted into my college’s dual-degree BS/MS occupational therapy program!


WIWT: things are warming up a little (kinda), but I am still sleep-deprived.

If I’d had time, I probably would’ve swapped the red laces for black.

What do you think?

Currently eyeing this on ebay.

Rugby gang or die.

1/12/2014 (9:02pm) 3 notes

Last night, I dreamt I wore a 3-piece seersucker suit.

I woke up feeling more aware of just how Maruchan my ramen noodle budget really is.


Consumerism in a nutshell.  I love it.

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