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I got accepted into my college’s dual-degree BS/MS occupational therapy program!


WIWT: things are warming up a little (kinda), but I am still sleep-deprived.

If I’d had time, I probably would’ve swapped the red laces for black.

What do you think?

Currently eyeing this on ebay.

Rugby gang or die.

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Last night, I dreamt I wore a 3-piece seersucker suit.

I woke up feeling more aware of just how Maruchan my ramen noodle budget really is.


Consumerism in a nutshell.  I love it.

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I’m gonna be teaching my fraternity brothers and maybe even my dad how to do a basic four-in-hand and how to tie a bow tie soon, hopefully.  I’m also bringing measuring tape on campus to give some a proper neck size measurement for their own use as they grow to meet the expectations placed upon all of us.

Finals are soon.

J. Press has their two-tone tweed panel pants back in stock in my size.

Things aren’t so bad.


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Guess who turned 21 today?

(hint: it’s me)


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A Collected Voice


I’m doing a new series for my blog called A Collected Voice. Basically it gives my readers and people who are passionate about style, fashion etc an opportunity to have a voice and really express their experiences with the growth of their personal style. And it doesn’t necessarily have to me about style, it can be about personal growth in general. 

If you want to be apart of the series, feel free to inbox me 

Isaiah’s always up to something interesting.  This is his latest project.  We’ve all got a story to tell, and for many of us, style is such an intimate subject that we’re burning to tell people about



Uncle Beebo Visits Kamakura Shirts in NYC

This past weekend I spent a few days in NYC with my family. There were many shops on my list to visit, but one topped my list, Kamakura Shirts. It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Kamakura. A quick glance at my WIWT’s over the last few months have made that more than apparent.

I have always been a fan of the button down collar, and in my opinion Kamakura makes the absolute best one out there. In fact, I don’t ever see myself purchasing a button down that isn’t made by them ever again. And to top it off, their New York Slim Fit fits me like a MTM shirt would and at a much lower cost.

In addition to their button downs, I have also become quite the fan of Kamakura’s medium spread collar shirts. I know everyone and their grandmother is in love with cutaway collars these days, and I like them myself. However, there will always be a need for a more conservative option for those of us who work outside of menswear. When approaching a full day of meetings, I find it absolutely necessary to go with a more conservative collar so that no undue attention is paid to it, because trust me, cutaway’s attract a lot of attention. The spread collar shirts are made with a softer collar like their button downs too which adds a nice touch.

My previous shirts were purchased through their webstore but I was anxious to visit a brick and mortar location to try out their Tokyo Slim Fit (as that fit usually has the best fabric options) and to see a few of their other styles in person. With the help if their extremely friendly staff, I found that I should stick with the New York Slim Fit and was able to try on their new Vintage Ivy Shirts which are great, but have sleeves much to short for me.

I decided to pick up two more button downs on this trip and learned from their staff that each fit will come with the same wide range of fabrics by the end of the year, which I was very relieved to hear.

 - Jeremy

Kamakura: generally speaking, not for me, but I can’t help but get caught up in Jeremy’s enthusiasm.  Dude’s found his sweet spot, and I have nothing but respect for him finding something he’s such a fan of and sharing it with the world.


Mordechai Rubenstein of Mister Mort recently visited the beach house of Doug Bihlmaier, who works in vintage for Ralph Lauren (essentially he is vintage Ralph Lauren; he’s also notably photogenic). When I asked Mordechai what brought him there, he told me “Doug’s [Land Rover] Defender.” Although it was not a business trip, Mordechai took some snapshots and has over 20 up on his blog, so you can visualize what it would be like to live in a beachfront RRL store, surrounded by an archive of attractively shabby textiles and artifacts of Americana. Doug has more interesting fabrics patching up one sleeve than most of us have in our entire closets. I’m sure there’s more there than even shown on Mister Mort; according to Mordechai, “The most interesting things I saw were captured solely by my eyes and heart.”

I really like some of the fabrics I saw and the character of the house, but I remain unconvinced that any of RL’s worn-in stuff is worth the price tag.

Our view of ourselves is a complicated thing, and a complex issue with far reaching repercussions on our lives. For as much as we hope to see ourselves clearly, no man alive sees the truth in himself. Or of himself, for that matter.
Every relationship we have is a mirror that reflects an opinion we take as truth. With every smile from a pretty girl, or rebuttal, we continue to paint this picture of who we are. A complex bit of art, we paint it, paint over it, making an image in our heads of our strengths and weaknesses, our skills, our talents, our flaws.
We wake up each day, and see an image in the mirror, and we dress that image according to who we hope to be, and often times who we rue being. We compensate, and overcompensate, adding solemnity to our wardrobes to balance the immaturity we fear to expose, or adding youth to disguise our creeping age. It is a complex thing that I fear I will never see through, and will be repainting my entire life.

I like to imagine that once we would have been guided in our presentation by our fathers and grandfathers, from the clothing we were bought as children to the first suit we’d have made at our fathers tailor. But that is a world far removed from my own, and an age I only read about.
The truth is that modern dressing isn’t directed by our fathers, giving texture and colour according to their understanding of what the world sees as appropriate, giving flair and personality for the character traits someone that proud of us sees above all else. Rather we are taught how we should appear by the airbrushed perfection of marketing, taught how we should dress by idolizing a far distant and removed designer.
The rules of men’s dressing, a spoken history of men’s clothing passed from father to son from one generation to the next, seems to have been dealt a mortal blow by the emergence of fashion, brand and designer. The rules change season in and season out to make each previous season obsolete, to make each new season sale able and every previous wardrobe an embarrassment. Men who are trying to see themselves accurately are left with no clue as to how they should dress themselves, and the guidelines on dressing for the world and its occasions are a daunting mystery. These men give up chasing the moving target of fashion, and believe that it is correct for them to hate dressing, shopping and exploring this image of themselves.

So it is such an empowering thing to have the power shifted back in to our own hands. To have a tailor, or a haberdasher, or a shoe maker that can give us the rules back, demystify dressing by taking out the designer and giving each man an understanding of how to dress for his body, life, personality, career.
A great tailor makes a man look at his best, builds him a uniform to play with as his moods see fit, and a framework of understanding to make, hopefully, very few mistakes. The man who thinks himself too short or stout or frail or plain can see clothing take shape that emphasizes his strengths, and his only. His colouring dictates the colours he wears, the cut of his clothing hides the parts of him he dislikes. Hopefully he looks in his mirror each day and sees a myriad of options to be the man he hopes to be, and in his wardrobe he sees the means to paint an amazing picture of himself. If only for himself, and it really should be for ourselves that we dress, to have a positive self image and the tools to make it better is a very liberating position.

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What fun! my webcam’s broken, too!

It’s strange, because it’s a built-in webcam, and the microphone that’s attached is working just fine, and I was using this blasted thing just a few days ago.  Guess I’m stuck posting things that aren’t pictures of me,lol

(I guess that means I need to step up my whole opinion-expressing game again)


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Aaaaaaand I’ve lost my camera


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If you don’t see many WIWTs/posts in these next few days, it’s because it’s going to be pretty frickin’ hot and also I will be outdoors doing cool people things because that is what cool people do