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My prediction for Rick Owens F/W 16.

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No, seriously, Thom Browne







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Cooler than I ever was in high school, but definitely very similar to what I used to wear.

Junya Watanabe ‘14: because going through highschool once wasn’t enough.


Goodfellas | 1990 | Dir. Martin Scorsese

how not to wear a DB suit

That sweater is awesome, but it seems a little strange to wear a sweater (regardless of how thick) with cuffed jeans and no socks.  Surely the difference in temperature between the air close to the ground and the air 6 feet above it isn’t that great…?

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Steve here goes to The Gap and wears the outfit the mannequin is wearing. And he takes a picture. That’s pretty much his deal.

This is such a fantastic blog, oh my god



This is Victor. He’s he’s clearly never played football, but he’s also not American.

He’s clearly some manner of post-Soviet super spy. When he’s not out in the field fucking people up, he runs a pretty good menswear blog. Updates are spotty because he spends a lot of time off the grid doing things that would make the average man shit his pants. I’m pretty sure Victor isn’t even his name; it’s a title because all he does is fucking win. You fools can mock his football poses, but I’m trying to live.

His style game’s pretty tight, though.

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Uniqlo Flannel Bandana Shirts

Increase the peace.

To be filed under “cultural appropriation” and “set tripping”.

Wearing these will probably not end well in NYC.



Bill Murray reserves the right to be as ridiculous as he pleases, even to the point of wearing a rugby with a screen of his own face and sporting a moustache that makes me think of Scottish people.

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Take Me 2 Ur Grown-Up Party

I’m so sly in this last picture! I’m like, “Guess where I’m goin’”!! A fancy party would be the answer. I have a problem of buying a lot of fancy-time clothes, completely neglecting the fact that I don’t really have a lot of fancy-time events to attend. No matter, I’m sort of a fancy lady, and I think a dress like this could be styled in a lot of different ways - I just happened to choose “cocktail date” for this particular shoot. Now I just need to get out on a…cocktail date. Lololol. Is that a thing?


Google Image search results for “fancy lady” - 


Simply gorgeous!  I think cocktail dates might be a thing among the nouveau riche in the city.

…the “fancy lady” search results are fantastic and they made my day.


The Old Penny Trick

Ray Ban makes some of my favorite sunglasses, but I hate that little logo they put on every one of their frames. It’s small, to be sure, but being a white print against a dark lens, and positioned so that it’s right at your temple when worn, it feels like the most conspicuous logo in the world. And conspicuous logos are the worst logos in my book.

Luckily, when I bought a pair of Clubmasters two weeks ago, I remembered a little trick I learned from Mister Crew (who in turn learned it from The Trad, who in turn learned it from a few guys at Ask Andy). Apparently, back in the day, you could take off this logo with a bit of rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip. That doesn’t work anymore (as The Trad noted), but you can scratch it off with the edge of a penny. It’s a bit harder as you near the edge of the lens, but with a little persistence, you can get the whole thing off. Thirty seconds later, your Ray Bans look a ton better and you no longer have to wear a logo on your face. 

Faceless corporate marketing: 0
Everyone else: 1