Tommy Hilfiger striped and gingham GTH seersucker blazer. Too expensive for my broke ass, but shorten the sleeves (and maybe nip the waist) and it is gorgeous.

Bonus round: can you spot the white hair in my fro?

WIWT: warm but windy and extreme exhaustion

I haven’t worn these pants before.

Nothing too exciting today, but I missed wearing this polo.What do you think?

WIWT: Goddammit, the cut I made in my hoodie is crooked.

Oh, well.  I am broke, hungry, and tired, but I got complimented  on my looks and stuff several times today, so I guess it works out. 

Anyway, what do you think?

WIWT: trying something new-ish

Maybe the hoodie was too much.  Or the jacket.  I don’t know.  What I do know is I’m going to be putting some sort of shoelace (probably rawhide) into the hoodie so I can pull the cut I’ve made closed.

What do you think?

WIWT: things are warming up a little (kinda), but I am still sleep-deprived.

If I’d had time, I probably would’ve swapped the red laces for black.

What do you think?

WIWT: Orientation.

Well, that sucked.

What do you think?

WIWT: Even slower day today.

I’m not even close to being done, either.  At least I got to sit down to a nice meal I cooked myself.

…I think my dad was expecting me to come out as gay during dinner tonight.  Why else would he keep bringing up that he’d be okay with me being gay?  Joke’s on him, though, I like everyone!

Anyway, I wore brown captoes with this outfit.  Warm, functional, and it looked pretty good.  What do you think?

WIWT: Happy 3,000 posts!

Yep, overalls.  Fuck the world.

What do you think?

WIWT: Wow, okay.

Today, I woke up exactly when my physics class started.  There was an exam the first hour of class.  I managed to shower, get dressed, and make it to my physics class for the second half of the exam and finished it with minutes to spare.

It is apparently still winter, so this sweater came in handy today.  It is probably one of the softest things I own.

What do you think?

WIWT: Today was kind of a train wreck in slow motion, but at least I’ve got a new cell phone and photo ID on the way.

I’m exhausted, but I think I looked pretty damn good considering.  I wore brown dub monks and dark blue socks with orange dots.

What do you think?

WIWT: Happy Celebrating-Some-Dude-Erasing-Irish-Culture-In-Favor-Of-Catholicism Day!

I wore green and an aran sweater.  Is 1/4 Irish enough for you to buy me some Guinness?  Extra stout, please.  Or cow’s tongue.  Both, if you’re really nice.

What do you think?

WIWT: veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery long day

New aran sweater made of Mongolian cashmere, though.  it’s the only thing in my life aside from my freckles that actively reminds me that I’m 1/4 irish. :D

What do you think?

Me and my executive board feat. silly dude in the back

Today was a very long and warm day.  I am exhausted.

I’m fairly certain this blazer wasn’t this tight when I bought it, but I didn’t gain enough girth on my torso to make anything fit significantly tighter.  Strange.

McNasty AK-47 pocket square, what what

also brown Allen Edmonds with blue laces

and grey argyle socks

Anyway, what do you think?