Messing around and having bad taste in H&M

WIWT: trying something new.

What do you think?

Yesterday: EPLA Kamigata jacket, Brooks Bros shirt with butchered short sleves, friends, and lots of alcohol in my old town

What do you think?

Me in my natural environment. Unfortunately, due to patient confidentiality and so on, I can’t actually show you the occupational therapy gym or anyone else in it, but I can show you my gross volunteer polo and months of being too lazy to shave

these days, I’m mostly wearing a gross maroon polo shirt they make all volunteers working in inpatient rehab put on, and I don’t have a phone anymore, so I don’t really ever have time or reason to do a WIWT post

but yeah, I do wear cool things at home!

currently reading: The Body in Pain, Elaine Scarry (been chipping at this for a year+ now, I keep switching to other books as college requires and my mind wrenches itself trying to follow her huge sentences and premises)

currently drinking: cheap gin and pepsi

currently thinking: how am I only 3 and a half years away from my master’s degree

Today, I learned about: war, advertising, repetitive stress injuries, the uses of ultrasound in relieving carpal tunnel, the significance of the presence of pain in clinical outcomes

Ask me about occupational therapy, I don’t know anything!

All jury, no booty

not bothering to trim my facial hair or anything because it’s like a gross science project now.  don’t worry, I keep it clean.

"There was this one time: we were running from my biological father. I was about five. And we ended up at someone else’s house. We were technically homeless and these people took us in. And I just remember her holding me in bed and just telling me that it will all be okay and that I’d look back on this and that it would all be fine. And I forgot that for the longest time. You forget a lot of memories in your childhood and then they come back just in time to save your ass. So when she died that was one of the things I remembered—it will all be okay as long as I keep believing that it will be. It seemed a little bit delusional at the time but it always holds true."

As promised, the photo from my fraternity president’s own Humans of York College page.

you may be cool, but are you “these shades don’t fucking work and you can see my cheap phone” cool?

WIWT: Meeting with my brothers in my academic fraternity.

I got some solid life/career/grad school advice.  I’m scared as hell, but I know what I’ve gotta do.  I’m surrounded by people who are doing or will be doing great things.

My only regret is not taking better pictures.  The fraternity’s president should post a picture of me he took today up on the interwebs within the next few days, though, so you’ll get to see that, too.

Anyway, what do you think?

Me posing with one of the members we inducted last week before graduation.

I can’t get my bow tie to sit straight for more than ten seconds, I swear.

Also, I was incredibly tired when this was taken.

WIWT: My last finals were today.  Let’s see what happens next.

New unlined silk tie, c/o Rugby.

What do you think?

Today’s outfit was so intense that only this crappy phone pic in poor lighting was able to survive the havoc it wrought upon my phone

Today Yesterday: strange times as apathy sets in during the last week of classes

WIWT: not sure if fat or muscle growth, but at least my shoes are cool