WIWT: trying something new.

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Things to watch out for in the next month or so: Betabrand black wool cardigan preorder in men’s sizes.

Gonna grab it at discount and wear it fastened with a kilt pin.

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Dear everyone who recommends Windsor/half-windsor tie knots,

I’m getting real tired of your bs.


Yesterday: EPLA Kamigata jacket, Brooks Bros shirt with butchered short sleves, friends, and lots of alcohol in my old town

What do you think?


They got @ntbro trading cards in this piece #TheSinglesProject

Mother of god…

A bit much with the huge breast pockets, but the fading here is gorgeous.

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My next pair of shoes might just be some navy bucks because of this.

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A compelling argument for cargo pants.

Definitely way too many buttons, but this looks so fun and comfy to wear.

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Love them shoes.

It’s not often that I find an orange blazer that I like, so when I do, it’s a real showstopper.

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Nicky lookin’ strong.

That tie though.

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