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No, seriously, Thom Browne







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who wore it best?

hahahahahahahahahaha oh my god

Apparently someone designing for Lands’ End watches Naruto.

…I hope.  If they don’t, oh god.



I seriously throw up in my mouth a little and die inside just a little bit when I see birkenstocks.







A well-tailored tux is to women what lingerie is to men.


But a man in lingerie though, js.

A man wearing lingerie under a well-tailored tux though.

welcome to tumblr.

these suits seem too small and not particularly well-tailored though?

if he puts his arms up he’ll Hulk right outta that jacket.

Trouser rises are ridiculously low, defeating the purpose of the waistcoast. Everything looks absolutely shrunken and cheap. 

Wouldn’t be caught dead.

These are also not tuxedos. 

No objections to the lingerie, though, but the suits? Barf.

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outer: SUNSEA bottom: THOM BROWNE bag: STUSSY shoes: NIKE Glasses: Savile Row

Apparently wearing name brands gives you license to look like the hot mess I leave in my toilet after a night of hot pockets and apple juice.

The pants ruin everything.  Look at those knees and that awkward tailoring.  Ugh.


We thoroughly enjoy a well put together menswear look; rolled-up denim and casual tailoring = smart-casual perfection

WGSN Street Shot, Milan Men’s Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2014

I have a lot of problems with this outfit.
My eyes automatically drift downward, to his legs and feet, which are problem areas here.  The cuffs on his jeans are pathetic and make him and his feet appear smaller.  He seems to have small ankles, and a big cuff would swallow them, but even a sad (what appears to be) single-roll is just ruining things.  He’d be better off with no cuff at all.  And his shoes, my god.  Why do we even make box-toe loafers?

His lapel is tiny and the collar gap is huuuuuge.  I’ve seen Zara shirts and blazers that have less of a collar gap than this guy’s got going on. 

Like, really.  Dude looks like he stepped out of one of the three pages in Harper’s Bazaar that makes a passing mention to menswear.


New rule, if you aren’t working on a car or flashing your gang colors, no handkerchiefs hanging out of your back pocket. Especially while wearing top siders. You look like a poser and a tool.

maybe it’s hankie code?

Why would you-

Under a sweater?

Tuck that shit back in.

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*don’t click through unless you want this picture ruined*

Oh, goddammit.


Digging the colour and fabric blocking from White Gold apparel (an emerging Montana label) spotted at Outdoor Retailer’s All Mountain Demo. 

This is everything that was wrong with the 90’s.

Further proof that you can look like a huge tool in menswear.  Lose the shades, “bro”.

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Crain's Chicago: The Death of the Tie in Business Dress →


Truly disheartening trend piece from Crain’s Chicago Business about the state of business attire. It seems wearing suits sans necktie is now not so subtly being favored, but outright requested at events:

“Business attire, no ties” reads the invitation for the second annual Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center Momentum Awards Dinner Wednesday night at Millennium Park.

For the stylish executive, what does “business attire, no tie” mean? “A dark suit, no tie and a white shirt,” said John Jones, partner at George Greene menswear boutique on Oak Street. “Not a patterned shirt, white. It’s of the moment.” Why no ties? “Literally, they want you to be unbuttoned.”

Sadly, I imagine this isn’t just common practice in the Windy City. It’s one thing if people are working in a decidedly casual workplace, but I just find the concept of “business attire, no tie” as particularly distasteful. Why not demand white crew socks with Teva sandals be worn with the chalk-stripe double-breasted? 

The article postulates the sorrowful trend comes from the tech sector, with everyone looking to be taken more seriously while dressed down — perhaps throwing an orphaned suit jacket on over a graphic T-shirt and jeans. Lots favor it, but I find it really incoherent to blend tailored clothing with what is essentially streetwear. 

I understand the need for people wanting to blend in and dress to the occasion and invitation, however, as Capt. Picard once said, “The line must be drawn HERE!” At some point we need to stand up to ridiculous, made-up dress codes and say, “I will wear something appropriate, but I won’t cater to someone’s idea of fashion without taste.” 

It’s the only way to prevent ourselves from becoming complicit in this blasphemy:

“Our black tie is no tie.”

The sartorial legends stir in their graves.

That black tie remark made me want to curl up into a ball and shut out the world.

Oh wait, I just did that.

People need to stop fixing what isn’t broken.

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