Now there’s something you don’t see every day.

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Michael Bastian cutaway denim tuxedo shirt.

Neither ruffles nor lace belong on denim or chambray.


Peony Lim 

Leopard and cheetah prints walk a line between tacky and incredibly awesome.  I can kind of pull of fuzzy leopard jackets, but I think this lady pulls it off much better than I ever will.  And she’s wearing a big bow tie with a ruffled shirt!  Instantly cool outfit.

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jana of bekleidet

Color-coordinated with ruffles.  There isn’t very much to this outfit, but it seems very put-together.  Ruffles add something to an outfit.  I wouldn’t say that it is gravitas, but they usually make you look like you’ve invested time in your appearance that day.

Went to a 4.5-star steakhouse for mom’s birthday today.  Not much changed outfit-wise, but I broke out the new ruffled shirt from Lands’ End Canvas and the (still) untailored houndstooth pants.  I also lost my pocket square at some point this week, so I found a thin and really small bandana and used that instead.

Dad wore a suit from Macy’s and it fit him well because he’s over 6 goddamn feet tall.  Somehow, he managed to find a button shirt that was too small in the neck.  I am considering buying him new ones even though he doesn’t really wear them.  I told him to button down the points but to leave the collar itself unbuttoned and he looked a lot better because of it (even though the suit was untailored and the guy hates ties).  It was pretty sweet.  Happy birthday, mom.

P.S. I regret nothing about the quality of the first picture.

If you surround yourself with lovely ladies, more will follow.

One such lady has allowed me to post pictures of her recent outfit to this blog.  Her personal style is hard to describe, but it’s hard not to be charmed by the outfits she wears (it helps that she is also quite pretty).  Also, would you look at that ruffled shirt?  Incredible.  I’ve got half a mind to steal it from and wear it myself.


I have the largest boner for Miho Matsuda right now

 they look so cool… I wanna try some out

I would wear each and every last one of these outfits, practicality be damned.

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To be perfectly honest, I’d probably wear this myself…

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