Wake up coffee run, lake canoe ride, Newport Harbor Cruise, Dinner Date.

The four Seasons of the day. (at Indian Lake Shores, Rhode Island)

My next pair of shoes might just be some navy bucks because of this.

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REEBOK Classic / Pastel Pack

I don’t see myself wearing these, but I’m in love with these colors.

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These foldable rubber boots look kinda cool.  Here’s hoping the folding doesn’t make them crack over time.

So 80s that I’m kind of having flashbacks to before I was born

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Doc Marten Red Velvet Mary Janes.

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Yohji Yamamoto f/w 2014, Seditionaries boots 1970s

I’m not much for odd boots, but the red ones are too cool.


Regimental laced boots @marcjacobsintl — thanks to @mistermort (at Staff International)

Those laces are phenomenal.


Junya Trickers

These are pretty fantastic.  Probably a real pain to clean, though.


This was the surprise inside the package from @officeofangelascott @mrsangelascott

Not my cup of tea, but damn if those aren’t cool.

Tricker‘s Black Scotch Grain Ilkey Derby Brogue

Goodyear welted double sole with a rubber commando outsole.

I am haunted by the thoughts of scotch grain and commando outsoles on shoes.

I desperately want to grab some bright and in-your-face color of paracord for these to use as laces, like a bright yellow or red or neon turquoise.  My soul yearns for garish laces on these.


Turning Foot 50’s Last. Full Brogue on Commando Rubber Sole.

The only way I could love these more is if they were made with a scotch grain.  These are some serious shitkickers.

I’ve sort of fallen in love with commando and lug soles on dress shoes.  Sure, some of them walk the line between Payless-core (I had a pair of awful awful Nunn Busch shoes that had a sort of commando sole for a while) and go to hell, but I love them.  The incongruity of these kinds of shoes lends them a magical sort of quality, you know?  Even moreso when the rest of the shoe is actually elegant and not rugged like a scotch grain.  I think that’s part of their appeal to me.

Oh, and I guess I also like the sole on these because I’m short (why else would I prefer proper creepers to creeper sneakers?), lol