Last winter, wandering about Firenze with Alan, we stumbled upon a store selling vintage clothing. No polished and marketed store, a real little hole in the wall selling old clothing. Dead men’s suits and 70’s junk and plastic shoes. Old women’s hats for occasions never to be repeated. A closet of overstuffed racks with wire hangers defeated by the heavy clothing they supported.

As I ran a hand over the shoulders of suits and coats, I felt something different. Rayon, Nylon, meagre and wasted wool. And then this… fullhanded, round, coarse. A barleycorn weave that felt as though it had been chewed upon and come out too tough to swallow. I checked the weave, all robust and bucolic, then noticed the hand lapped seam. Then the lack of any machine stitching, then the buttonholes. This was tailor made, all hand. Sack coat cut with no darts in the front and a single buttoned vent in back. Two piece sleeves with short turn back cuffs.

Fifty Euros later, I was wearing it’s mustiness and moth ball smell around the corner to see Antonio Liverano, who believed it a real piece of clothing. “Have they got any more?” he asked..

Ethan Desu’s thrifting stories are better than yours.


I know I’m on record saying you can’t “win” at thrifting.  However, today I seriously started to reconsider.

Not Pictured:

2 Piece Royal Stewart Jacket/Vest combo

Vtg. Gray Plaid Car Coat

6” Bean Boots

Vtg. Brooks Bros Gray Glen Plaid Sport Coat

Navy Wool Unbranded Varsity Jacket

Vtg. Bleeding Madras Sport Coat

Assorted 70’s cookware & accent pieces (Fisherman Piggy Bank, Maine Lobster themed Coasters, 2 clocks, crock pot, weird kitchen info thingy, projector screen… I’m probably more excited about that stuff than I should be)

Vtg. Lacoste DB Tweed Jacket

Vtg. Oxblood Florsheim Longwings


Seriously though. Online store opens soon (hopefully).

Holy shit.


Knockin Da Boots

Navy Blue Blazer by Andhurst (Consignment Store $10.00)

Madras Button Down by Ralph Lauren(Consignment Store $15.00)

Grey Wool Cardigan (Salvation Army $5.00)

Green Scarf (H&M $12.00)

Army Green Alpha Khakis by Dockers (T.J. Maxx $16.99)

Light Brown Knit Tie as Pocket Square( Salvation Army $1.00)

Brown Boots by Nautica (Salvation Army $8.00)

God Bless

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Interesting scarf tie.  Definitely a good F/W look, though.  Greens and browns are almost foolproof, and they let you wear interesting things like a plaid shirt with a navy blazer without looking out of place.

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Not a bad start to my birthday. Bacon cheeseburger, and a trip to the Salvation Army where I was met with an unexpected surprise: $3 for (almost) everything sale. Everything I bought was $3 though, so that bag of goodies cost me $27.

The bag is even bigger and more stuffed than it looks in the picture since I stocked up on some seriously heavy F/W tweeds.

Not pictured here is a navy linen Brooks Brothers sport coat; a vintage HSM dark olive tweed herringbone jacket w/ hook vent; a nice navy plaid sport coat from Nordstrom; a coral red/pink Lands’ End blazer with patch flap pockets; and a crazy thick and heavy wool (feels like loden) jacket w/ hacking pockets and leather buttons, made in Hungary. I’ll probably throw some elbow patches on it for the upcoming winter. I’m sure you’ll see pictures of it once the weather gets colder here…

I’m definitely not mad about the Dormeuil sport coat. Lots of handwork, padstitched lapels, and other nice details.

god damn.


Buried Treasure #17  



Madras Button Down by Brooks Brothers($4.29)

Red/Blue/Green Button Down by Tommy Hilfiger($4.29)

Salmon Pink Button Down by Brooks Brothers($2.15)

Button Down by Gant($4.29)


That Gant button down though

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Strange, but true, this thrifted double breasted black side vented blazer was only $1.25 during a crazy sale. No alterations needed. Just simply added gold buttons.

That is unbelievably awesome.